“Entranced By Infinite Change”

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What is the reason for continuing on after Gatsby has lived by his semi-immoral lifestyle, after the one he loved and the ultimate reason for continuing on in life and the soul purpose for everything he has ever achieved and accomplished, is now gone? Just knowing that they’re still there and just not able to reach out to him or want, to reach out to him is pain enough. All of the wealth Gatsby has accumulated over the years by doing immoral, socially complex tasks is now for nothing. Not to mention, he’s dead. Killed by a man who wrongly accused this man for sleeping with his wife, walked up to him on his own property-which Gatsby has generously shared with the community-shoots Gatsby, then himself; this is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, “The Great Gatsby”. The never ending supply of money-change- fed the need and the way to get the woman he lusted for, loved, and obsessed over for the past 10 years of his life. The money seemed to be the only reason that kept Daisy away from Gatsby, creating an obsession with it because it was the only way to get to her. Money has become the reason for anything in this world including love.
“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you.”- Maya Angelou. The novel depicted Gatsby as a man that had a laid back life of leisure and partying, but as we go deeper into the life of Gatsby, we began to uncover that it wasn’t always that way. Gatsby grew up a lower middle class man that was taken by Dan Cody to help him on his boat/yacht as a sort of apprenticeship. He became a soldier-this is where his trouble began- where he met Daisy, the root of h...

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... a man with a passion and obsession that was fed by the yearning f or Daisy and his newly found wealth. The way people change over the stand of time and stumble upon ways of new love and entanglement in each others lives will never change the fact that money controls our very existence. Every aspect is condemned by the involvement of the thing that runs this very country, the people in it, and the bonds that we share; money.

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