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To answer the most obvious question, what is ΔHºrxn·? Well, ΔHºrxn· means the change in enthalpy. To break it down further, enthalpy is the measure of the amount of energy in a system. Every single reaction in the entire universe has a change in enthalpy. Energy is held in each and every single bond that puts together the world we see and live in today. When a reaction takes place and bonds are broken and reconnected, energy has been transferred, and enthalpy tells us how much. It is just about nearly impossible to measure all of the energy that there is out there, but scientists can measure how much energy has been transferred through the system. It would be like trying to measure the volume of the ocean, pretty much impossible, huh? But, …show more content…

It is very useful especially when comparing different fuels and substances to see which ones release more energy when they are burned. This can be helpful in knowing, especially with all of the new vehicles and machinery being built, maybe they will find a better fuel through this method. When the fuel is burned, the temperature change is measured. They then simply take the amount of fuel that was burned and compare it to the change in temperature to calculate the enthalpy change for the reaction.6. Also, many fuels produce a higher heat then others, so obviously the higher heat producing fuel yields more products. More products means a better product for the dollar which is better economically for everyone.
Looking into the present day and the future, bond enthalpies will play a big role in the scientific world. Breaking bonds between two atoms that have a strong attractive force requires a deal of energy. Which is also why it is an endothermic process, and is true for the opposite in that making a new bond between atoms is an exothermic process.6. Understanding the energy required to break each of these bonds may someday lead to much more conservative ways of going about

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that enthalpy is the measure of the amount of energy in a system.
  • Explains that enthalpy was first recorded in 1875 by josiah willard gibbs, who did not directly refer to it as heat/energy in a system.
  • Explains that there are two types of hand warmers available: air activated and supersaturated solution. combustion reactions have long been used in human history.
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