Entail to Travesty

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Lust, greed and hatred fill Sussex in the late eighteenth-century, a time of reform thus, causing the field laborers to withstand the brunt of the change. Wideacre once a land that meant fertility and no threat of famine for the poor that sowed the fields. This land of prosperity spirals into the darkness of the deepest sins that one does not have grace there lips. The demise of the land and the gentry live there is led by the thought protector and the one who once loved the land most, Beatrice Lacey. Themes of greed, and blind lust run florid throughout the leaves of the novel, that drips into to pools of sin, the devil drinks from himself. Handsome Miss Beatrice, the belle of Widearcre with the impossibility of her heart possessing evil. Beatrice’s heart is not innocent but contains the malevolence that is accompanied with obsession, lust, and callousness for what she cannot have. Her mind is overtook by the thought of owning the land she knows so well that if she was blind her step would have no falter to it. She states quite clearly herself “I would get the land, too. I wanted Wideacre with every aching thought, and breath, and dream. And I deserve Wideacre, too. No one cared for it as I did, or loved it as I did, or knew it as well as I.” This obsession drives her to do the most horrid of acts. She takes bed with her brother Harry the future Squire of Wideacre to insure her, manage of the land with control of her own bloods flesh. She’ bears his child and convinces to Harry’s wife Celia, to claim it as her own to displace all future children Celia may have as heir to wide acre. Her plan backfires as she births a girl. Again, she becomes expectant with another of Harry’s seed and this she places on her betrothed John Mc Andr... ... middle of paper ... ...m Wideacre. Dr. Mc Andrew realizes the truth and falls into drink and Beatrice has him committed. While he is committed Beatrice spends his fortune to joint-entail to Wideacre. Her obsession with one day having Wideacre in her power caused her to commit her own husband. John returns home with Celia’s affection and Beatrice dominates over land scraping for profit from the harvest to pay the mortgages on the land. Beatrice looses all care for what the common people do for her she just wants to insure that her son will be son of Wideacre in its entirety. Harry Celia and John leave and lust drives her to her former lover and death. Wideacre is left in ruin and Celia John Julia and Beatrice’s son Richard live in the dowager house peacefully for now. The sequel the Favored child reveals what happens to Beatrice’s children and anything I predict now is just speculation.
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