Enron's Code Of Ethics Essay

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I. Introduction
Corporate fraud, greed, corruption, what company comes to mind when you hear those words? Enron! In this paper, we will take a look into the corporate facts and history as well as, stakeholder relationships, organizational trust issues, ethical leadership and ethical culture at Enron. As well as where improvements could have been made to improve organizational trust and ethical culture before Enron’s collapse.

II. Corporate Facts and History
According to the Texas State Historical Association, organized in Omaha, Nebraska in 1930, InterNorth began as Northern Natural Gas Company.1 With revenues up to $7.5, it was one of the nation 's premier pipeline networks. 1 To avoid potential takeover from corporate raiders, CEO Sam
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Enron did have a code of ethics according to the Ivey Business Journal, “the code stressed the following four key principles: communication, respect, integrity and excellence, and included phrases such as “we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves”, “we do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful treatment” and “we work with customers and prospects openly, honestly and sincerely””.4 I think one way Enron could have improved organizational trust is by following its own code of ethics. I also think Enron could have improved by following proper accounting practices as well as not misleading employees and shareholders on the financial state the company was really in. I also think top executives should have paid better attention to the financial reports, I don’t understand how they could have been so blind as to what was going on as some have claimed. I think it is the responsibility of someone at the top to know what is going on financially, I would think they would have to look at the financials when approving bonuses. It is too late to save Enron, but other corporations can use this as a great case study on what not to do.

VII. Conclusion
The Enron case is very intriguing case of corporate corruption and greed. As we review some of the company’s facts and history along with other areas of the corporation, we can see that this case is filled with great examples of business ethics put to the

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