Exploring Marquez's Blending of Realism and Magic

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“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, interlaces the normal with the paranormal in an unpredicted but inspiring method. The author combines ordinary parts of life and objectionable parts of life with the unbelievable. Marquez motivates the reader to take another look at events with a greater impact. In “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” Marquez uses an ingenious tone and distinctive style to develop a story that delivers components of normal life, yet surpasses it. The story’s tone in the start consists of natural and undesirable happenings: a sick kid in the middle of extreme weather. The author writes, “The world had been sad since Tuesday,” (Marquez, para 1) which grasps the reader’s attention. Marquez carries …show more content…

There is an intelligent elderly woman that determines the man with big wings is an angel. This type of irony intertwines throughout the entire story. The author writes, “…and leave him to his fate on the high seas” (Marquez, para 4). The read also sees the irony in the way Marquez chose to word that statement, the man and woman “felt magnanimous” when they chose to put the angel on the water with sufficient food for a many days. Thorough the story, Marquez’s tone expresses logic of guilt that humankind do not value the “mystic” that is in people’s lives. People normally look at things by what is in it for them, when they should be valuing their involvement. “On the following day everyone knew that a flesh-and-blood angel was held captive in Pelayo’s house” (Marquez, para 4). The married couple, Pelayo and Elisenda, kept the angel at their house in spite of greediness. The couple told people to pay and come see the angel at their house in selfishness. The author gives the readers the chance to visualize what they would do if they were ever to face a related position. Of course, no angel will ever drop from above on a rainy day, but how will people use chances that are present to

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  • Analyzes how marquez motivates the reader to take another look at events with a greater impact.
  • Narrates how the world had been sad since was a kid in extreme weather.
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