Enoch Astronomy

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Book of Enoch: Astronomy • Solar calendar • Enoch’s son Methuselah • Uriel as a guide In the third book of Enoch “Astronomy” describes the roles of each of the luminaries. Uriel is Enoch’s guide through this experience and he shows him the dominions and seasons of the luminaries. This is where it is solidified that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It also explains the orbit of the sun and that it is a star, that is extremely hot. It also offers and explanation as to why the days in summer are longer while the nights shorter and vice versa in the winter and why there can be light in one place but not another, and that reason is portals. This is an explanation for daylight savings times, and they describe the days and shortening by one part, which can be interpreted as an hour. The moon is then explained as travelling the circumference of heaven as well (orbiting) where the cycle is similar to that of the sun. The conclusion is drawn that the world has 364 days in a year and that the cycles of the sun, moon and stars will repeat every 364 days. Enoch then depicts the winds that arise from the north, south, east and west, due to the portals of heaven opening. Each wind brought something different, each a plague. Uriel has shown Enoch everything within the stars and when he asks questions, Uriel explains that a righteous man will be blessed and that everything is happening for a reason because it was as God wanted it. Finally, to his son, Methuselahe, he explains his entire journey through the stars to gain this knowledge, and the guidance that had received from Uriel. This text was written in an explanatory fashion so that understanding could be achieved. The test is not included in the bible as it is scientific in ... ... middle of paper ... ... drowned and this ended life on earth and the earth itself as it was known to be. The next events carried out aimed to save the innocent and execute those that attempted to take advantage of and hurt the innocent. There was great friction between two groups and one ended up slaughtered y the power of god since they tried to hurt the other groups. This text was written in a narrative fashion so that understanding of the visions could occur. The reason that this book was not included in the bible are that it offers another interpretation of the Noah’s arc concept where the earth is flooded. Also, the situation that occurred between the wolves and the sheep is a representation of the relationship between the Jews and the gentiles. These are also the reasons that it is important in the history of Christianity because it offers insight from an additional perspective.

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