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Our society is confronted almost everyday with many legitimate companies that are conducting business with consumers by collecting personal information. Many in turn end up losing millions of dollars to fraud through personal information each year. Protection to vital private information is becoming increasingly important with everyone. The Enmax brochure is mainly centered on logical arguments regarding personal information. Enmax also ensures the consumer that they are accredited as law abiding, responsible company. The brochure it self is a very heavily text based document that uses many words to describe Enmax’s measures and motives in collection personal information. The brochure is also very colorless in appearance which indicates it’s a very serious document.
We choose this pamphlet because Enmax is one company that is trying to reassure its public that the personal private information they collect from their customers is save. It also goes on to raise awareness about Enmax’s use of personal information and try’s to inform the public of the choices they have regarding this. Additionally, it informs the public that collecting of personal information by Enmax is proper and necessary in order for them to provide great service. In addition the pamphlet really caught our eyes because it is not a brochure that is trying to sell a product, but rather a simple information package that is explaining how customers personal information is save with them.
The potential benefits of reviving this document is that we would be able to make this pamphlet more eye catching to the public by eliminating the use of so much writing and adding color to it. Even though the topic of the document is about personal information commitment, the pamphlet should be constructed so that once received the consumer actually looks at it and not just throws it away. The current pamphlet tends to repeat information and can be constructed in a way that it would be a lot shorter. In addition the pamphlet would be constructed to get to the main points that would be considered most important for the consumer to read.

Primary Research will help us establish rhetorical context of purpose and audience though:
• The use of the Enmax brochure.
• Calling the customer hotline, or special line for privacy issues that are provided by the Enmax Company (310-2010).
• Using any mission statements, annual reports, President/CEO messages regarding privacy of information.
• Enmax Website.
• Speaking to Enmax representatives first hand regarding this issue.
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