Enhancing Communications Skills

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Communication is a key in every setting from home, work and the community. Communication encompasses written, oral, visual, digital and non-verbal communication within each context. Successful in-person communication skills are critical when dealing with other individuals and this involves speaking, listening, and dealing with conflict. To solve conflict communication needs to be clear, concise and delivered in such a way so as to not offend either party, thus further inviting additional conflict. (Wilmot & Hocker, 2011 p.144) advises that developing a repertoire of diverse styles and tactics may require some stretching of one’s comfort zone.
Conflict communications skills
Effective conflict resolution with respect to communication can be achieved through conscious awareness of how you listen, summarize, question and interact with people. to begin I respect everyone that I come in contact with and during a conflict resolution session this is somewhat challenging, but when you are in a dispute you could actually dislike the other person. It is important to threat that other person with some respect if within yourself that person does not deserve it. This approach softens the time that I am engaged with the person, and knowing that the issue at hand could possibly affect more than just who is in the room is all the more reason to be mindful of how I treat that person. After you listen, you must then summarize what was discussed.
Summarizing is another essential communication skill used in the practice of communication to make sure that we heard what was said and to get clarification on anything we didn’t understand. Instead of thinking that summarizing means that the individuals were not listening, think of it as an enormous contributor to the effectiveness of listening. It shows that the individuals want to ensure that ownership of the outcome
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