Enhanced Interogation Techniques and Us

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Introduction Case Study (Notional) There is music... it is called music... it is deafening... one cannot hear one's own thoughts... At about 45 degrees, it is not the severity of temperature, but the duration of the exposure, and being drenched completely, that has caused the body to progress from a constant shiver, to a violent convulsion. Perhaps not, perhaps the involuntary spasms are caused by the time spent awake. How long has it been? 48 hours? 60 hours? 72? 96? It is impossible to know how long, the light is constant, it is everlasting day. Even that clock found in the stomach is confused because dinner was served 15 hours after breakfast, and lunch was served 90 minutes after dinner, 4 hours later dinner again, and lunch and dinner served together 19 hours after that. Standing all the while. Not standing per se, but not squatting, a bizarre half stoop, a position that requires constant muscular tension to maintain, and is rigidly enforced, and never sitting. Well, sometimes sitting, the relief in sitting is not made moot by the cold metal chair and tables. The relief in sitting is not made moot by the aches in the knees, hips, ankles, elbow, and shoulders, that is brought on by the standing... well not standing per se...but not squatting. The relief in sitting is not even made moot by the degradation of forced nudity. How has the self-imposed need of modesty been so easily disregarded that the creature comfort of sitting is preferential to it? Now the questions, it is difficult to focus...difficult to maintain clarity of thought....difficult to answer... Clothes are returned, having been freshly drenched... now the questions are finished...now the sitting is finished... back to the standing... not standing per se... but... ... middle of paper ... .../www.nytimes.com/ 2005/11/09/politics/09detain.html Kant, Immanuel; translated by James W. Ellington [1785] (1993). Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals 3rd ed. Hackett. p. 30. McChesney, John. "The Death of an Iraqi Prisoner." Www.npr.org. National Public Radio, 27 Oct. 2005. . Ross, Brian. "CIA's Harsh Interrogation Techniques Described." ABC News. ABC News Internet Ventures, 18 Nov. 2005. . Wolfe, Harold. Hinkle, Lawrence. Communist Control Techniques: An Analysis of the Methods Used by Communist State Police in the Arrest, Interrogation, and Indoctrination of Persons Regarded as "Enemies of the State." S.l.: S.n., 1956. Print.

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