English Speaker: The Principal Language Of The English Language

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English language is the principal language of Great Britain, The United States of America, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries (Oxford Dictionary). There are over 400 million native speakers and it is the medium of communication for many millions more as being the most widely used second language in the world. It belongs to the West Germanic group of Indo-European languages, although its vocabulary has been influenced by Norman French and Latin. English has its own native and non-native speakers, despite having an argument on the existence of the native speakers. Both native and non-native speakers do have their differences through certain criteria; mother tongue, pronunciation and intonation and many more. The language that is being spoken is the same but the way it is being conveyed in a daily conversation that differ these speakers.
In language context, it is hard to define certain terms especially the term native speakers. According to Oxford Dictionary 8th Edition, the term native means someone or something that was born and lived for many years. The term native speaker refers to a person who speaks a
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The speech of non-native English speakers may illustrate pronunciation characteristics of the speaker first language, either by transferring the phonological rules from their mother tongue into their English speech which is also identified as the interference of their mother tongue or through implementing strategies similar to those used in first language acquisition.To illustrate, as there is no /h/ sound in any French dialect, a French speaker might have difficulties in pronouncing the /h/ sound in English. Same goes to a Japanese speaker who will tend to put suffixes at each word they are pronouncing due to the influence of most Japanese language that practice suffices at the end of each sentences or
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