English Reflection: My Struggle With My English Class

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Reflection Essay

Over the years I have struggled with my English classes, but never give up. It has been a little over four years since I have attended school, it seems I have forgotten a lot I had learned in the past. During these past eight weeks in this English class I will admit I have spent countless hours writing, thinking, planning, dreading, and of course learning. Sometimes I felt like quitting and I could no longer go on but I continued to try my best complete each assignment, even when I was lost and the instructions were not clear enough for me to understand. As a student, mother and wife I will not give up but only continue to learn as I make this journey through writing.

Throughout my experience in English 103 I have spent most
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Oh how I dreaded English 103 online… I stayed up late and spent days thinking and planning on my papers and watching videos ect. Sometimes as I read through the discussions I was discouraged and amazed to see such great writers, I wondered where did they learn this great skill? English class or their upbringing? I know everyone is different and learns differently and we all have our own language, way of speech but I’m as near close to skill writing as some of my class mates. It was also very discouraging to get low scores after I thought I was doing great, I reached out to my counselor and the writing center, in which they helped me a lot. So, I believe we shall see after I receive my final grade. I wanted to quit English and drop any other English classes I had registered for in upcoming weeks but I continued to keep my mind open to learning more and get over the low scores I was receiving. I will not give up until I complete my…show more content…
These past weeks I have learned so much from English, myself to online education. Doing classes online is difficult and even more difficult if your taking English, and struggle in the subject. I learned how to better my grammar and lessen my grammatical errors, I seem to use more commas and less run on sentences. My word choice and language is developing more. After using the online writing tutor, I felt more confident knowing there is help right there when I needed it. I will definitely be using the writing center throughout my time here at Brandman. All the speeches, clips and videos you picked out for the class to watch were all great and informational. I really enjoyed them all and plan to keep them in my favorites for later reference. The writing process and the appeals pathos, logos, ethos I will not forget and find myself picking them out in writing and speech. The online library search is great and there is a ton of information to use through the library that I will also continue to use throughout my time here at Brandman. Through my journey of writing I have ups and downs, good days and bad days but I will not give up I will continue to complete my
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