English Reading Problem

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An Investigation of English reading Problem of High school students

Introduction Reading is considered as one of the necessary and useful skills in all aspects, whether it be education, occupation, or recreation. Especially in nowadays, information age. Reading helps us keep track of current world events in a timely fashion. Or can say that. Reading is important to life. Because reading is not just spelling and pronunciation. If it were a source of knowledge, it would help us to understand the meaning of the alphabet and create a new concept from our experience. As Phensri Rangsityangkul (1987) states, reading is not just about reading the meaning. The symbol of the letter only. But it must be interpreted as readable. At the same time, it
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One of the factors is the unappropriated teaching method of teachers. This makes the English reading skill of the Thai students fail and teaching which does not emphasize the student's ability to develop their English reading skills. It was said by Sweeney Pins (2009) that some English teacher teach by emphasis on translating vocabulary recognition, Grammar rules which does not develop their thinking skills. Thai students could not understand reading texts, so it is not possible to summarize the knowledge from reading texts into words or letters. In addition, the teachers do not teach the students to practice the reading process and strategy, but they will taught by Thai translation, instead of giving the students to do understanding in reading English. Therefore, for student get more understanding about English reading, teachers should provide instructional activities appropriate for their age, ability, and aptitude of each student. These would help students enjoy learning. Moreover, teachers should be able to understand the types of publications that appear in daily life. In addition, there are important factors that affect the reading of many learners, such as attitudes, preference to English, background knowledge, schemata, experience from learning, environment, supporting from family, and
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