English-Medium Education

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This essay investigates the ways in which the English-medium education can be perceived as a solution or a problem in UK educational setting, in the specific case where English is not the dominant language of the pupils’ homes and community, and outside the UK, with particular reference to India’s educational setting. First of all, in order to proceed with the analysis, it is important here to highlight the meaning of the term English-medium education. The term refers to the use of English as the medium of instruction, the language used to teach all the schooling subjects, such mathematics, philosophy or art. The term is opposed to the ‘English language’ where the language is taught as a subject and where the attention is focused in its grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and literature. English is the medium of education in countries where the first language is English like UK, USA, New Zeeland and Australia. In addition, English-medium is used in other countries where English is not the mother tongue of the population and where more than one official language is spoken by the people...
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