English Language Learning: Motivation And English Learning

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1. Motivation and English learning
Many researchers in the world (Dornyei, Z., Ushioda, E., Oxford, R., Shearin, J et al.) have investigated what motivation is and what dimensions of motivation have effects on second or foreign language learning.

Oxford and Shearin (1994) opined that motivation has a strong impact on how students use L2 learning strategies, how much learners interact with native speaker, input they receive in the target language, how well they do on curriculum test, how high their general proficiency becomes, and how long they preserve and maintain L2 skills after language study is over.

In the the relationship between motivation and language skills, Lucas (2010) noted that students are intrinsically motivated to learn speaking and reading skills and that they are intrinsically motivated via knowledge and accomplishment.

Ditual (2012) was of the opinion that the learners with positive attitude towards English language learning are highly motivated both instrumentally and integratively. He further claimed that learners motivation is not affected by external factors.
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The study was worthy of doing because the target population study English language course as part of foreign language policy of Bangladesh as well as the medium of instruction policy of the university. The data of this study were collected through a questionnaire survey administered upon a total of seventy nine randomly selected samples. Upon the completion of the collection of data, these were analyzed, computed and tabulated using SPSS. The findings suggest that the respondents were found to be positive towards English language and this could be attributed to the fact that respondents were instrumentally motivated towards

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