English Language Learners and Education

As our nation shifts towards a more culturally diverse population both educators and families have to find a common ground to ensure that English Language Learners are academically successful. All stakeholders must carefully consider the social cultural impact on an ELL education. The process of raising bilingual learners take more than a language a school and a language learned at home. The transition must have a purpose and a goal.

Collaborative Practices of English Language Learners and Schools

Educating a student takes a massive amount of collaboration between schools, communities and families. It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child and this saying is truer when it is applied to a child coming to America from a foreign country. The differences in culture, family values, social interaction and personal upbringing can often leave both students and teachers wondering how to connect with each other. It is precisely for this reason that all factors be carefully measured when coordinating efforts to educated English Limited Learners.

Schools throughout America have seen an increase in the cultural diversity of their student population. Census results from the 1990’s indicate that more children from other countries have immigrated into the United States than ever before. Results seem to indicate that the current move and increase in cultural diversity will soon lead to more than 50 percent of the student population being culturally diverse according to Mid-continental Research for Educational Learning. This increase in diverse population should certainly prompt us to develop educational practices that address these students’ needs.

English Language Learners (ELL) is quite different from our...

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