English Language Learners

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Content-area Instruction

English language learners in United States face multiple challenges for achieving academic success. In order to successfully complete a task, they need to master both English as a language form and how it is used in core content classes. Consequently, teachers need to implement different content-area instructional approaches and methods in order to help the ELL students. Among these methods are the Content-enriched English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, the Cognitive Academic Language Approach (CALLA), and Sheltered content instruction.

Content based or enriched English as a Second Language instruction is an approach that provides second language learners with instruction in content and language. In this approach, students are exposed to a considerable amount of English through motivating content. Students are taught useful language that is embedded within relevant context rather than as isolated language. This approach tries to prepare students to acquire the language while using the context of any subject matter, so students learn the language by using it within specific context rather than learning the language in isolation. This approach is used for children and adults in schools settings or classes for students learning English for specific purposes. The Cognitive Academic Language Approach (CALLA) is an approach that integrates academic language development, content area instruction, and “explicit instruction on learning strategies that can help students remember both the content and language”. (Chamot & O’Malley, 1996,p.263). This model promotes thinking in the language class because students need to be critical thinkers, and active in their learning. CALLA is designed for limited Engl...

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...oach is used in all the content areas, and students work in cooperative, and language heterogeneous groups to promote language development, and content learning. This model focus on content learning, but using scaffolding techniques helps to promote language acquisition because students are exposed to the L2 in meaningful contexts.

I think that the implementation of all these approaches is possible in my class because most of my students are language learners. So they need all the support in order to acquire the English language through content learning. If the students are motivated and engage in their learning, they can acquire the L2.


Chamot, A. U., & O’Malley, J. M. (1996). The cognitive academic learning approach (CALLA): A model for linguistically diverse classrooms. The Elementary School Journal, 96(3), 259-273.
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