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Although we all begin our lives with a stage called “childhood," as we grow up, many of us forget what that chapter in our life was like. In his memoir My Grandmother’s Hands, Alexander Baron reminds us what being a child is like. By relating the relationship he had with his two grandmothers while growing up, Baron demonstrates that children are selfish, calculating, and in constant need of entertainment. He does a wonderful job of telling his readers how children perceive the world that surrounds them, transporting us back into a mindset we once had. The author’s usage of flashbacks greatly helped give insight into the mind of a child. By using this form, Baron was able to tell his story from the point of view of his child self which offers the reader great insight into the mind and desires of children in general. By bringing us to the child’s present, we can see the world as he saw it, and how all of us must have, at one time, seen it. Children are incapable of thinking of other’s needs or wishes. They are selfish, and focus only on themselves and their desires. Children feel that they must get their way, and “Anyone who thwart[s their] wishes [is] a sinner… They [are] wicked.” Baron demonstrates this point very powerfully. The first time we are shown this is during breakfast when Baron, as a child, argued with his mother because he wanted sausages for breakfast instead of the porridge he was served. He did not consider that his mother may be tired, or not want to prepare an entirely new breakfast after already making this one. He didn’t consider the fact that if he didn’t eat the porridge it would probably go to waste. All that mattered to him was his desire for sausages. Later, Baron managed to convince his parents that they... ... middle of paper ... ... was not frightened by her. [And] if [he] had been asked, [he] would have said with honesty that [he] loved her. But she had no talent, poor good woman, to entertain a child. There was no excitement in her house.” This comes to show how crucial entertainment is to children and how much they seek it. The author successfully presented the child perspective and mind. His usage of flashbacks and point of view helped in making his idea come across very clearly. He illustrated how children can be very selfish and calculating in their actions. Through his use of metaphor and contrast the author demonstrates the deep need children have for entertainment. By the end of the story I was left with a deeper understanding of children as well as a daunting question: Are we as adults, that different? Aren’t we just as selfish, calculating and in constant pursuit of entertainment?
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