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There are numerous rumors out there about the English Colonies through the London Chronicle but what portion of them are true? Information has been revealed that farmers spend many hours playing cards everyday, colonists ignore principles of self-government, and African merchants make fortunes trading rum for cloth but are these headlines being honest? We now have the inside information to put these claims to the test and understand what is really going on in the new world. You will be surprised to learn just how different life is like in the colonies compared to what we hear from others. First and foremost, one of the headlines in the papers here recently has stated, “Farmers Spend Several Hours Playing Cards Each Day.” I have multiple sources telling me otherwise stating that there is not much time for leisure activities, let alone hours on end to play cards. Everyday is filled with numerous chores ranging from cutting wood and clearing land to cooking, sewing clothes and caring for babies. From the time that a farm is established, people are loaded with tasks to perform starting with clearing land with inredibly basic tools. If you live on a farm in the English colonies, you provide everything for yourself and rely less on buying goods. One farmer states,…show more content…
Basic rights outlined by the Magna Carta, Parliament, and English Bill of rights have made an impact in their new governments. They view themselves as English citizens that deserve the same rights as other people living within Europe. This is starting to cause tension as the King wants to tax them without giving them representation. Therefore, they are not the ones ignoring the self government, but the English government that is ignoring

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