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Fear is something that is associated with someone who is scared of something and they do not want to be near that thing that is to be feared. Fear is something that someone who is afraid of someone or something. Fear can be presented by emotional pain and physical pain. Fear can also be portrayed in irrational fear which could be someone making fun of you or rational fear which could be fear of walking down an alley at night. Fear is displayed throughout all three poems but in different ways.
The poem Nettles shows the theme of fear by a father fearing for his son. The father feels angry and wants revenge for his son so he goes and cuts all the nettles down. “I took my hook and honed the blade and went outside and slashed in fury with it till not a nettle in that fierce parade stood upright anymore” This shows that the father was angry and wanted to have his revenge on the nettles. This also shows that the father wanted to avenge his son. Also the phrase “Slashed in fury” this shows that the father was really mad and wanted revenge for his son, the word “Slashed” shows the how the fa...
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