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Susie Salmon: Susie is the main character of the story. The story is told mainly from her point of view as a ghost. She died at 14 when she ran into her creepy neighbor, Mr. Harvey, one night as she walked home from school through a corn field. Naively, she accepts his invitation to join him, alone, in an underground room which he built out of dirt. There, he rapes and murders her. She watches from heaven as her family grieves and tries to find her murderer. Although Susie is dead, she continues to grow and mature in heaven. When she first enters heaven, it embodies her ideal highschool. But, as time goes on, she begins to let go of her childish dreams to take on more important and pressing issues. Her heaven takes on a different shape that allows more people enter who help her to learn more about her murder, Harvey, and help her friends and family on earth to find closure and solve the mystery. Mr. Harvey: Mr. Harvey is a rapist, a serial-killer, and he murdered Susie. He is a creepy man who works from his home as a dollhouse maker in the same neighborhood that Susie’s family lives. As soon as Mr. Harvey moves into the home, Susie noticed that the roadkill that is always plentiful has begun to disappear. To add, many of the neighborhood cats and dogs have disappeared. Unbenounced to the other residents, Harvey is behind the mysterious disappearances. By murdering the cats and dogs, he is able to suppress his appetite for murder. Susie is his first victim in his new neighborhood, but he has murder many other girls before. His appetite for rape and murder seems to extend from his childhood. He grew up very poor and with very morally-inept parents. His mother even taught him how to shoplift and rob vulnerable victims. The last ti... ... middle of paper ... ...witches into Ruth’s body, she has sex with Ray. The sex seems to provide closure for Ray’s relationship with Susie, allowing him to completely move one. Samuel Heckler: Samuel Heckler is Lindsey Salmon’s middle school boyfriend who she eventually marries and has kids with. Grandma Lynn: Grandma Lynn is Susie’s Grandmother. After Abigail leaves the family, Grandma Lynn moves in to help the family. She becomes the rock of the family who keeps everything together as it begins to fall apart. She helps Lindsey in her transition to adulthood, and she helps Jack to attempt to move on from the death of his daughter. Heaven: Holly: Holly is Susie’s roommate when she gets to heaven. They both have similar images of a highschool heaven, so they share the same heaven. Franny: Franny is Susie’s heavenly guide. She helps Susie to transition into and learn about heaven.
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