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Supercalifragilistic expialidocius from the movie Mary Poppins simply means wonderful from the Oxford dictionary. The use of words like this is a good example of the misguided approach of novice writers when they create a literary piece. Many novice writers have this misconception that using fancy words makes them sound smart and even though they don't know a lot about the topic they are writing on, they attempt to bluff the reader by using fancy words. In an attempt to sound impressive, novice writers use highfaluting words because they believe that readers would find their command of the English language awe-inspiring and think that their writing is a literary masterpiece. However, readers notice when novice writers use highfaluting words when simple words would do and it does not make them think highly of the writer. On the contrary, the novice writer's attempt to sound impressive makes the reader think that he is trying too hard. The use of highfaluting words just confuses the reader instead of intensifying his reading experience. Using fancy words when simple words are enough is one example of vague writing. Vague writing occurs in the following ways: when the writer does not really know what he is talking about, when the writer imitates other writer's styles just because they are popular and when he conceals his true opinion from the reader. Novice writers use vague writing to make what they are saying seem like a masterpiece. With the intention of sounding impressive, novice writers use pretentious language because they believe that this makes them sound knowledgeable on the topic they are writing about. Many think that they sound smarter when they use big words. The truth of the matter is that smart writers who really u... ... middle of paper ... ...adily believe them and might even be persuaded to change their opinions on the topic. A good writer can convey his thoughts using simple words. He avoids using pretentious language but he can make the reader feel what he feels and he can fire up the reader's imagination. However, this is seldom the case for novice writers. In trying to make their writing seem like a work of art, some novice writers fall into the trap of vague writing because they are concealing their true opinion on the subject from their readers or they simply know nothing about the subject. This can be remedied by researching more about the topic and by stating clearly what one's true opinion on the subject is. As a result, readers would be able to understand where the novice writer got his opinions and therefore make their own judgments as to whether they agree or disagree with his sentiments.
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