England: A Poised and Traditional Country

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What is the first word you think of when you hear about, England? You may think of its effect in history the early kings being crowned at Westminster Abbey, to England hosting the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Another thought could be is London. London is the capital and heart of England. It has its own history that is preserved through top historic tourist spots. The British Museum continues to maintain history and culture. English cities, though they are not recognized have helped so much with creating history with the riots in Cambridge between students and townspeople all the way to Manchester that is a new developed city that is still growing. Traditions in England continue to prosper as time goes along. England is a very proud, poised, traditional, and great country that will act for its needs.
English history began in 500,000 BC with a boxgrove man from West Sussex. He was the first human known in England. In 55 BC Julius Ceasar invaded England for Rome. After Cesar took control Roman domination lasted for 400 years. From 449-550 the Jutes, Angles, and Saxons arrived in England and took control. In the beginning of the ninth century the Vikings came and invaded England. The Vikings controlled North and East England. In 897 Alfred the great defeated the vikings living in England. Another important date in England’s history is 1067 when the Tower of London began being structured.
In 1154, Henry II became the king. The next king, John was crowned in 1215 and signed the Magna Carta. 1348-49 was a hard time for England because the black death killed one third of the population. In 1485, Henry VII was crowned the King of England. Also during 1485 the “Act of Union” unified England, Wales, and Scotland. The three countries were ...

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...all of the cities have helped create English history. The traditions and pride of the people of England are continuing to thrive. Monarchs are still being crowned here with Queen Elizabeth reigning from Buckingham Palace. Traditions of England will continue to grow and people will still participate the traditions that were started from their ancestors. With all of the knowledge England has helped with, people can take away that England is a very proud, poised, traditional, and great country that will act for what they want.

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