Engineering Disaster Essay

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Engineering Disasters On April 26th 1986 one of the world 's largest nuclear power plants exploded. As an engineer safety is the number one priority, it is the engineer 's job to note every possible danger that could happen while designing and constructing, if this is not done, disasters will occur. Without looking at all the possible dangers under scrutiny, the reactor four in Chernobyl melted down and produced a death toll nearing 60,000. This accident was the result of many poor decisions within the crew working at the power plant and the engineers who built and designed the power plant. The crew who worked the night of the catastrophe take a considerable amount of the blame but, as a matter of fact, the problem would have never taken place if the engineers had taken a closer look at…show more content…
The explosion had an effect on the population like no other, it instantly killed over fifty workers left hundreds of thousands suffering from radiation poisoning. For that reason, safety is something that cannot be stressed enough. Chernobyl is widely considered as the worst engineering disaster ever since it had such a substantial death toll and cost. The accident that occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power station happened during a routine low-power engineering test of the fourth reactor which was assigned ever since an Israeli fighter bombed an Iraqi nuclear reactor built by Russia. The
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