Engagement Consultation Challenges

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Identify and analyse the challenges experienced in the project (explicitly address the challenges in moving from the status of project into operations).
As the project is still in the construction phase, the responses will address challenges encountered during the project lifecycle and not operational challenges.
Clinical Engagement Consultation Challenges
The project has experienced considerable challenges in relation to the consultation process with the vast array of Clinicians and user groups. The outputs from the multilayered consultation process will ultimately determine the model of care that will be delivered in the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH).
The consultation process occurred during the concept and design development phases …show more content…

Environmental Challenges
The project team identified the challenges with remediation of the contaminated soil to the rail-yards with the old railway lines and infrastructure removed.
Once the contaminated soil was removed, the foundation piles were installed. Over 2,000 piles were installed into the ground, with each individual installation managed as a distinct project.
The drilling process of up to 30 metres meant the site had challenges with differing geological properties such as rock, sand and water (News Corporation, 2014) and disputes over contaminated soil and remediation are estimated to cost the government in the order of $80 million in contract variations and a 5 month programme impact.
Contractual and Team Challenges
There has been much speculation reported in the media about the breakdown of relationships of the project team with the project at crisis …show more content…

A resilient leader will take on problems in his / her stride. When a leader encounters a problem, they will be able to influence the outcome and see it as an opportunity to move the project team to respond in the same light. "Out of the uncertainty and chaos of change, leaders rise up and articulate a new image of the future that pulls the project together." (Bennis, 1997)
Fundamentally, the project leader will have the ability to communicate with people at all levels and act as to team’s link to the wider organisation. A strong leadership team will be the mouthpiece to ongoing and essential conversations with key stakeholders. Additionally, the project leadership team will have the skillset to negotiate and influence to uphold the success of the team and project (Barry, 2012).
In such a complex environment, first-rate problem solving skills and the ability to influence are non-negotiable properties in ensuring project success.
Identify opportunities for improvement in the management of the project’s

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