Engagement And Motivation Essay

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Engagement and Motivation is one of the most important parts of being a manager, without it there is no way you can be a successful manager. There are a few steps to successful Engagement and Motivation (Friedman, 2014), clearly define your vision, give employees what they need and want, communicate well and often, get everyone engaged, coach for success and practice acts of kindness, act fairly and create trust, but try to make work fun, and finally implement incentive programs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is also one of the best theories to use in a company because it allows for a needs most employees have, it includes basic, security, social, esteem, and finally self-actualization. These steps will ensure that all needs will be taken care…show more content…
To make them easy to remember, they created the acronym R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Wiley, 2011), the first is Recognition everyone wants their services and good work to stand out and be noticed or to be given a “pat on a back”. Exciting work, everyone wants a job that is fun and exciting everyone likes a sense of accomplishment. Security of employment, they want the stability of having a job and being able to pay their bills also to feed their family. This fulfills Maslow’s second level of the hierarchy of needs with the sense of security. Pay everyone wants a fair salary to be compensated for the work and time they have put into the job. This also fulfills Maslow’s hierarchy of needs first level with the basic needs which is really what helps an employee stay motivated. Education and career growth most people need to be given autonomy, authority, and encouragement to grow and given an opportunity to grow in their jobs and do it their own way. Conditions, employees want a place that is comfortable, healthy and safe to work, and also a place that will promote teamwork, and fulfill the social needs described in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Certo, 2014) which have to be filled in order to achieve the next level. Truth All employees want to be told the truth, they want to work with honesty and trust worthy managers with open and direct
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