Enforcing Stricter Gun Control Laws

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The belief that enforcing stricter gun laws on those who use guns for good(gun owners who protect themselves, their families, and potentially prevent crimes) will keep guns off the streets(from those who buy guns off the black market rather than a gun store – obviously requiring no permit, no background check, etc) is very foolish. If this method were actually effective, then illegal drugs would not be an issue. Vilifying gun owners by imposing gun restrictions make it tougher for registered, law abiding gun owners from purchasing firearms and does nearly nothing to prevent real criminals from acquiring them.
Is gun control the solution to deterring heinous acts and creating less crime? Gun control is legislation that is specifically aimed at imposing measures to make it harder for an individual to acquire a firearm. Gun control comes in many forms including mandatory licenses, background checks, waiting periods, and various others. As Alex Jones had said
“When strict gun control laws are prevalent, the fear of getting shot goes away and criminals tend to flourish.” which shows how something that is meant to prevent crime (gun control) actually contributes to crime.
Individuals who go through the legal process and apply for a gun permit care about their own preservation of life. Someone does not apply for a gun permit in order to commit gun related crimes. It would be illogical for people to do such a thing because they would be indentified immediately after committing such a crime. A true criminal isn't taking gun safety courses, obtaining a permit, paying the processing fee, or waiting a 2 day period to receive

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Page 2 their firearm. The real criminals who have the intention of using firearms to commit illegal

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...ot getting caught. That means that a criminal will avoid gun control precautions such as background checks, licenses, waiting period, etc. These forms of gun control prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and the ones they love when necessary. Not only does it make it tougher to acquire a firearm it is also unconstitutional. Gun control is a form of unconstitutional prior restraint and it needs to be recognized as such. Guns protect us from criminals, psychopaths, governments at home and overseas. Some of the people who bring forth the opposition are not well aware of the widespread failure of such implementation of legislation in other countries

Nabil Ahmed
Page 9 and thus conclude that gun control is the only option. Guns are used 80 times more to save a live than to take a life and that alone should teach us alone the real value of firearms.
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