Energy Shortage and Cost

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Energy Shortage and Cost The problem with energy today is that it is too expensive and most of it pollutes the environment. Most of our energy comes from fossil fuels which are not renewable and pollute the environment, not to mention stink. Prices on gasoline keep on rising and so do the S.D.G.&E. bills. These are the two main energy sources in our area It's not like we can shop around for energy. Gasoline prices are sky high and prices only vary a little between gas stations. "Average gas prices nationwide are at 1.54 per gal regular unleaded"(Chicago Union Tribune). In reality there is an abundant supply of oil in the U.S. but I don't think it's the best source of power we have available today, for example, internal combustion ingenious need lube oil, water and a number of other things. They also get dirty, produce a lot of heat and need a lot of matenence. Then there is the waste issue. What do we do with all the used oil? We could recycle it, but not all of it gets recycled. Some of that oil gets into the environment and we also have to recycle all of those used parts, like oil filters. "According to the U.S. geological survey current proved or probable reserves could sustain world oil consumption for 63 to 95 years"( All of that oil would be burned into our atmosphere. My first solution is pretty simple; cutting down on energy consumption by whatever means available. These days we have some options in which we can use to save on energy. One thing I've found to save gasoline in automobiles are the HyCO systems. "The abbreviation stands for hydrocarbon (Petrol-fuels) Oyxegenator" (www.eagle-research .com). I think this is a pretty good idea, you can get about 5 more miles to the gallon with the basic system. There are other systems that can be used in conjunction with this system for even better performance. Why not carpool, that always works? Nowadays they have cars that get better mileage than ever. I've even heard of about 60 mpg before. Also taking the freeway more is another way to save gas. In the home you can also buy light that don't use as much energy as the conventional light bulb. They make those florescent bulbs that are small and fit into regular light sockets. They are a little bit more expensive but pay for them selves considering they last a lot longer.
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