Energy Resource: Tar Sands and Nuclear Energy

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Tar Sands are a mixture of clay sand water and black oil that is found in various places in the world such as Venezuela and under the Canadian Forests. Most of the world’s oil currently comes from tar sands, and oil is used for gasoline. Mining of tar sands is quite tough and hard to do. The sands cannot be pumped in their natural state. It must be mined through open pit mining techniques. After mining the sands are transported to and extraction plant where a hot water process separates the bitumen from sand, water and minerals. This process releases the bitumen from the oil sands and causes tiny air bubbles to attach to the bitumen droplets that float to the top of the separation vessel, where the bitumen can be skimmed off. (Oil Shale and Tar Sands Program, 2012)
Mining the tar is very profitable. Until recently extracting oil from tar sands was very expensive, technologically difficult and complex. Advancement in technology and high price of oil-above $80 a barrel has made it possible to extract oil with profit. Although this causes pollution and ridding of nonrenewable resources it is helping the economy. (Oil Shale and Tar Sands Program, 2012)
Tar sands are naturally occurring mineral bed found within the earth. It’s formed from water, sand, and bitumen coal which is formed from pressure of dead plants underground for a long period of time. After the sands are mined it goes through multiple processes that turn it into oil. The oil is used for many things such as cars and gasoline. Oil is converted into gasoline through multiple processes. Gasoline is used for powering engines. Tar sands are a very important part of the oil communities, considering it makes up most of the oil mined currently. (Oil Shale and Tar Sands Program...

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... wind turbines on cars, or even a wind turbine or solar panel on your garage to power up your car. We could have stations like gas stations that power up your battery. This would also cost a lot but as long as there is money to be spent it would be worth it. Also along with this, our economy would rise, due to the circulation of money.
I believe this could be a great idea if it’s figured out how to get the electricity. We could have “farmers” that have fields of solar panels or wind turbines that get paid by the government or by electricity companies. Another problem is how to ship the electricity. Besides power lines there could be trucks powered by electricity that have massive batteries that fill up and then carry it around the U.S like semi’s do. This would also create more jobs, making our economy better. I believe it would also help us save money in the end.

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