Energy Efficiency

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“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” (Robert Frost). For the past month my class mates and I have been finding ways to become energy efficient and putting that information towards creating our own energy efficient home. After being put into groups we began to plan out how we were going to create a home design and turn it into a real scale model. At the beginning of this project I wasn’t aware of the fact that we would actually be learning things that could one day help us buy a home. I believe that it is important for homes to be cost and energy efficient for the economy, to save money, and the environment.
The first thing I learned while working on this project was, my group was smart and if we worked together our ideas were endless. When starting the idea of our house my group and I knew exactly what we wanted at the end of the project. My group and I completed our home by using different steps. Step number one was deciding how many rooms we wanted, and how big we think that they should be. Next we entered that information through a website called, and we were given a number of floor plans that served our wants. From there we took the floor plan and began to make it real. My group and I used a 3D website to create our home and add our own designs and make it look like a home. The next step was to make the scale model of our home, using the dimensions from our floor plan we were able to scale down the house. The final step was adding the details to our scale model. We picked different colors and floor tiling that would help to keep the heat in the winter, and the cold in, in the summer.
Flooring and walls are the structure of the house; they hold up the roof and protect ...

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...economy of or reduction in money, time, or another resource. This project has taught me some important factors of a home, also how to find and calculate different walls, floors, and even to convert a home into a ½ square model. Becoming energy efficient doesn’t have to be a chore, the simple and little ways that you can be energy efficient can still help to save money, the economy, and our environment. Although I found myself lost at times, I now know how important it is for homes to be cost and energy efficient.

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