Energy Consumption Is The Key Reason Of Environmental Degradation

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“In spite of great progress in energy efficiency and in the development of renewable energy the world is likely to need significant amounts of fossil fuel throughout this century and beyond (the share of fossil fuels in the world mix has remained at about 86% of primary energy from 1990 to today)”, (Burri, 2016). As a developed country the United States of America is behind in a technology that we have been using for over fifty years. Consequently, this leads to an excess of carbon emissions with our dependency on fossil fuels. Nevertheless, energy consumption is the key reason of environmental degradation (Saidi & Mbarek, 2016). This is coming from an unhealthy fear of the word nuclear. Furthermore, we have the possibility of using nuclear technology for producing electricity, but when we hear the word nuclear we imagine bombs, think of radiation and smoke stacks coming out of tall cooling towers, not realizing the smoke is not smoke at all. Conversely, this smoke is carbon free, it 's clean and it 's encountered everyday by all humans. Nevertheless, some would even say it is a life sustaining force the ‘smoke’ people are seeing is nothing more than water vapor. Although, the United States is a leader in technology, there is still a need for the United States to reform our current electricity production methods to minimize our carbon emissions. Nevertheless, as you review various of ways to reform electrical power generation methods that could lead to lowering carbon emissions there are many things to consider. Furthermore, a recent study in Turkey found: In terms of investment and energy when comparing a solar and nuclear plant of equivalent size, each plant would have its own positives and negatives. ... ... middle of paper ... ...iminate our use of nuclear power, but this will actually be detrimental to economies due to the cost and efficiency when compared to nuclear power for electrical generation. Furthermore, if we eliminate fossil fuels for electrical power generation doing a one for one swap between coal plants and nuclear power plants we will the effect would be tremendous in lowering our carbon emissions. Consequently, time and time again we find nuclear power exceeds the alternatives that we have for electrical power generation. In the United States, there is a need for the United States to reform our current electricity production methods to minimize our carbon emissions. We have a plethora of data that shows us how the usage of nuclear power can lead to lower carbon rates. As a nation we need to come together to lower our carbon emissions and rethink how we look at nuclear power.
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