Energy Bars and Resulting Glycemic Levels

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Energy Bars and Resulting Glycemic Levels The Atkins’ diet has been sweeping the nation as more and more Americans struggle to lose weight. Opposed to other diets which require less fatty foods and more fruits and vegetables, Atkins’ takes a different approach. The Atkins’ diet suggests that removal of carbohydrates alone will lead to a thinner and healthier body. Atkins’ encourages intake of low-carb and high protein foods such as meat, and discourages consumption of foods high in carbohydrates such as bread. Divergent from proteins, carboyhdrates store sugars for a longer period of time and eventually turn into fat. To accommodate the diet, Atkins came out with the low carb Atkins Advantage energy bar. But losing carbs isn’t the only path to weight loss as other bars with this macronutrient also affect glycemic levels (liquid derived from fats). Such bars, including the Balance Bar and Power Bar, substitute low-glycemic carbs for higher glycemic carbs as the former have been associated with weight gain and increased blood cholesterol. A study went underway to determine just how successful the energy bars are in affecting glycemic levels. A study took place to see just how effective energy bars are with glycemic levels. The Atkins Advantage, which in nearly free of carbs, the Balance Bar, which provides its energy from 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat, and the Power Bar, that’s high in carbs, all were scientifically studied to see how well they live up to their names. The bars were abbreviated LC for low in carbs (Atkins), MC for moderate, (Balance) and HC for high (Power). The goal of this study was to compare the different glycemic responses of each bar to wh... ... middle of paper ... ... leading to faster processing of fat and muscle gain versus weight gain. The Power bar on the other hand, which contains more carbs than the average carb substance such as white bread, is affective when eaten after exercise as it replenishes loss of glycogen in the muscles. So, each bar under this study affectively alters glucose levels, but with different results. The Atkins Advantage, or LC, contains drastically lower carbs leading to weight loss. The Balance Bar assists in weight loss to a smaller degree (with have the carbs of bread) but what it lacks in pound shedding makes up for with energy (from the protein and fats). And finally the high carb Power bar, with an additional amount of carbs, provides the energy and muscle aid which in turn can lead to weight loss. In sum, each bar is functional in their different dietary functions.

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