Endura Case Study

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Endura Sports Nutrition is a comprehensive sports nutrition organisation made in Australia. In the highly competitive industry of sport suppliants, Endura rely on their innovative scientific and clinical research to deliver high quality products. Specifically designed to help you train harder, perform better and recover faster, the Endura product rage is made from high quality ingredients and raw material at the Brisbane based facility. Their product rage consists of everything from energy fuelling protein powders to hydration gels and performance bars (Endura, 2016). Endura have a strong history with triathlons and their athletes but also cater to runners, cyclist and swimmers.
More and more people are turning to active lifestyles to improve
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They are using sport brand-secondary'>nutrition to increase energy levels, supplement their diet plan and gain optimum health not just support their exercise and recovery practices.
Australians are unaware Endura Sport Nutrition and the products they have to offer. The only individuals who are aware of their supplements are the elite athlete and enthusiasts. There is an overabundance of similar products on the market and consumers are overlooking their supplements. Endura need to promote their products in a way that differentiates them from the rest of the industry. They need to highlight that the scientific benefits are unique to Endure and justify the value of the product.
- Increase brand awareness 50 % by December 2016 in encouraging user generated content that drives positive word of mouth.
- Leverage brand ambassadors to help educate and engage consumer relationships.
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Their personal website does a great job in promoting their products and highlighting their innovative and scientific value but unless you are already mindful of the brand there is no one driving you to the page. The aim of this digital strategy is to improve brand awareness by educating and engaging existing and new consumers about Endura’s products. After completing an audit on Endura’s current digital presence it was evident that there were key factors hindering their efforts. Their social media network is almost non-existent. There chosen social media platform is Facebook where they often connect with consumers, however Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are neglected. The frequency of posts to all platforms was also a concern with some going weeks without updates. Another concern was the content provided to consumers was repetitive and lacking in excitement and
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