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Essay #2 Have you ever experienced a day where nothing goes right? The story “A&P” written by John Updike is one of a teenage boy named Sammy who quits his job in hope of impressing some girls --- only to find they neither cared nor listened. “Miss Brill” written by Katherine Mansfield is a story about an elderly woman named Miss Brill who goes to the park to observe people; her evening is ruined when some kids make fun of the way she 's dressed. Miss Brill and Sammy started their day motivated, as the stories went on their moods shifted because their actions were affected by other people 's opinions. But sad endings don 't always have to be sad, there 's a lot a reader can learn from them. Sad endings are more memorable than other endings because there is a feeling of uneasiness left for the reader. It is also more realistic that people don’t have a perfect day or the hero gets what they wanted. Updike and Mansfield use sad endings to further the theme of disappointment. ”On her way home she usually bought a slice of honey cake at the baker’s. It was her Sunday treat. But today she passed the baker’s boy, climbed the stairs, went into the little dark room -- her room like a cupboard --- and sat down on the red eiderdown”(103). As you can see the impact of what the young teens…show more content…
The idea that the guy gets the girl in the end is something that people have trouble relating to because people struggle daily to get what they want and they usually want to see that happen to someone else so they know they aren 't the only one. Although it would be cool to see Sammy get the girls and be the hero in the end, it 's not something that would happen in real life. If anything the girls might say thank you awkwardly. Other than that it still would be awkward because he doesn 't even know them and they could even have taken it as creepy. Disappointment is a much more believable

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