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Introduction Endometriosis starts when a woman or a young girl is old enough to be going through menses, menses is the medical term for the menstrual cycle. Endometriosis starts out as small little sores what doctors call “ Nodules”, these tiny little sores can grow on the inside and the outside of the uterus and also on the fallopian tubes, and ovaries. At an early stage the sores can look like tiny clear pimples and be the size of a pea, and over time they become either a dark brown or a deep black color. The sores can be in big groups covering large parts of the infected area, or be one every once in awhile.(The New York Times, “Endometriosis In-Depth Report”). Another thing that can occur during the stages of endometriosis, is what doctors…show more content…
The surgery that doctors do is called a “Laparoscopic”, it’s used to diagnose and remove endometriosis. How it’s done, is the doctors instead of making one big incision they make two small ones. One of the small incisions in made in the belly button and the other is made on the side of the lower part of the abdomen closer to where the uterus is. The Laparoscope is a instrument that shines and light so doctors can see what is going on inside and another instrument that they use is a laser, that is used to cauterize the endometriosis if needed. Depending how bad the endometriosis is, determines how long the surgery takes and if they need to burn the endometriosis off to make sure the doctors get it at the core so it does not grow back. For the procedure to be done, the patient cannot eat or drink anything up to 8 hours ahead of the surgery, also the surgery takes up to 30 to 45 minutes depending on how the endometriosis is and what stage it is in. When the surgery is taking place, the abdomen is filled with gas. The gas is carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide, the gas is used to make the abdomen inflate so that the doctors are able to get inside the body and are able to see what is going on, sometimes the doctors will make another incision to get in a tool that is able to move the other internal organs so they do not get damaged during the procedure. After the surgery is done, the patient is able to go home, but the doctor will tell them to take it easy for the rest of the day or for however long it takes for the body to heal.(The Cleveland Clinic, “Surgical Treatment for

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