Endocarditis Case Study Edema

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1. Problem Risk for skin break down related to fluid retention, edema, and cellulitis 2. Subjective Pt verbalized pain upon walking when bear weight 3. Objective Pt 3+ pitting edema on bilateral extremities, Cellulitis Bumetanide 1 mg Potassium chloride 40MEQ High Reactive protein 7.42 which indicate inflammation 4. Analysis A 55- year-old female at VA admitted to TLC for rehabilitation after her heart endocarditis surgery (tricuspid valve). Pt reported developed edema after surgery due to prolong staying at bed. Currently pt conditions is edematous on her lower bilateral extremity and cellulitis Pathophysiology Edema occurs when an excessive volume of fluid accumulates in the tissues, either within cells( cellular edema) or within the
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