Ending Global Warming In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In this world, people only have one chance to do something. We only have one chance to win a game or to pass a test. When it comes to important things, failure is irrevocable. Presently, the issue of global warming is major. Ending Global Warming is very critical to the survival of our planet and all organisms inhabiting it. Failure to fix this major issue will result in the extinction of Earth. We only have one opportunity to overcome this issue, similarly to how the farm animals in “Animal Farm”, by George OrWell, only had one chance to defeat Mr. Jones, the farm owner. Humans must join forces to fight against Global Warming because as seen in “Animal Farm”, strength in numbers ensures a greater success. Global warming is an unavoidable…show more content…
Mr. Jones, the farmer, forgets to feed the animals and their previously planned revolution begins. The animals join together to chase Mr. Jones and his employees off the farm and they save themselves! Although the animals range from pigs to ravens, they put their differences aside and focus on their shared goal. Similar to our situation with global warming, the animals are threatened in their environment by a greater force which seems unbeatable but they unite to defeat it. Scientists and researchers suggest numerous ways for global warming to be slowed and hopefully stopped. Ideas such as: conserving hot water, carpooling or driving less, and turning off lights when they’re not in use. If everyone could start living a greener lifestyle, Global warming will soon be defeated or at least slowed. The importance of the power of one is proved in this scenario. For centuries our race has depended on one person to lead us. In “1984” also by OrWell, the society depends on Big Brother to lead them and their dependence on one organization causes them to blindly follow a tyrannical group. Similarly, early citizens of American placed their trust in George Washington to lead them to victory in the Revolutionary War. He was then annointed President because the nation believed he would fix all issues and care for everyone, he was their savior. It is human behavior to give all power and

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