Ender's Game Prosecution

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A little girl of 7 years of age sat, cheerfully playing with her brother and sister in the middle of a public road that led to her home. She played quite happily, not knowing that her life was about to change drastically. Suddenly, she was seized and taken away from her home, away from her parents, away from the place she had called her home . For the next 13 years, she was relentlessly beaten, made to work under poor circumstances, and abused. Her life was horrible as she was used to work for other people’s advantages and pleasures. Have you been used for other people’s advantages? In the book, “Enders Game”, Ender is forced to leave his home, his family, and everything that he ever knew for a place that was unknown, untraveled, and unfamiliar just like the girl. Because he was small and young and didn’t know better, he was forced to fight the buggers to save the world, and in order to do that, he participated in a genocide killing of the buggers. We believe, that in spite of this crime, he didn’t deserve to be arrested. We believe that he shouldn’t have been treated the way he was because he was too young and didn’t know better, he was manipulated and used for others advantages, and he believed what the others had told him, that it was only a game. He should not be arrested for the genocide killing of the buggers because we know he was too young and he probably didn’t know better. "And there are doubts about him. He's too malleable. Too willing to submerge himself in someone else's will." This is good proof that he is not guilty because he is too naïve, too credulous, too compliant. This means that he always did what he was told. However, in the quote, it says that he was too willing to obey other people’s will and commands.... ... middle of paper ... ...dn’t want to kill anybody! I’m not a killer! You didn’t want me, you bastards, you wanted Peter, but you made me do it, you tricked me into it!’ He was crying. He was out of control.” So, you should believe that Ender did the things he did out of love for his commanders and the fact that he trusted them in and through everything. He is not guilty. We argue that Ender didn’t know that he was participating in a mass, genocidal killing of the buggers because he was too young and just did what he was commanded to do. We believe that Ender was not guilty because he was too young and obeyed all the orders, that he was puppeted and manipulated, and he believed what he was told, that it was a practice. Should Ender be arrested? Should Ender be guilty for doing what he was told? Should he or should the leaders who controlled his puppet strings be condemned for eternity?

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