Enders Game: Ender's Game By Scott Card

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In the 2014’s winter vacation, I have finished the novel “ender’s game”.
When I first heard it, I only knew that it was an extremely famous science fiction written by Scott Card. it is also said that the plot of it is very exciting. However, after I really finished it, I found that what the novel enlightens me was far more than what I had thought before.
“Ender’s game” talks about the event happened in the future when the earth is under the threat of buggers. The international fleet intends to train gifted children to provide good soldiers and commanders for the unexpected war with buggers. So as a result, Ender and other talented kids are sent to “battle school” to be cultivated strictly. During the training, Ender and his team are usually secretly given some extremely challenging and difficult missions by the teacher in order to well utilize and develop ender’s outstanding talent. Moreover, the missions I have mentioned are not that easy. The whole team will be immediately defeated if there isn’t a leader who can always give wise decision. However, every time Ender and his team face those emergencies, he will decisively stand up and get the hard burden and responsibility of being a commander. He sincerely loves his team, no matter how the battle rules are unfair to them, no matter how impossible the mission is to be finish; he will try all his best to win the game as a commander without any wish to quit. Looking Ender courageously stand up to face to those tasks which are almost impossible to accomplish again and again, I am moved a lot.
That’s the spirit of Ender’s leadership, which is also the great fortune given to me by “ender’s game”. As a leader, or even a normal team member, the responsibility to our team gets to be the m...

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...of the lack of money and time. At that urgent moment, our “boss” asked us for the volunteer who wanted to take the entire charge of it. When everybody has fell into silence, I suddenly thought of the brave look of Ender when he is facing those problems. Then from unknown reasons, I raised my hand to be the volunteer .Since then, I had to spend days and days working on various financial and social problems. The activity finally came; our club got a turnover as 2500 yuan---- a price neither high nor low. But after solving so many problems and holding it successfully, I felt proud of myself.
From the educated novel “ender’s game”, I learn the necessity and importance to stand up and take the responsibility as a leader. To courageously become a leader is truly a challenge and a fortune for me. But in the future, I hope that the principle can be followed in my whole life.
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