Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla

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What would the world be like without the primate species like western lowland Gorilla? All animals and plants help the world in some way. For example ,plants give off oxygen and help us breathe. Animals help keep all the animal population kept down and give us things we need.
Primates such as the Western lowland gorilla have so many features as like a human. But the population of the primate world is going down. The Western Lowland Gorilla population is about only 100,000. The Western Lowland Gorilla is the most numerous and widespread of all gorilla subspecies. The exact number f Western Lowland Gorillas is not known because they inhabit some of the most dense and remote rainforests in Africa. Significant populations still exist including in isolated swamps and the remote swampy forest of the Republic of Congo.
The Western Lowland gorillas are hunted very often but it is illegal to hunt them. The hunting and killing of Gorillas is illegal but still the animals are killed for bushmeat or during the capture of baby gorillas for pets. About 5% of western lowland gorillas are killed each year. People are trying to get reserved areas for the gorillas so they will not be hunted or killed. Protected areas are the Congo Basin and are promoting development of logging and mining industries that are well mamaged both ecologically and socially.
Unlike other primates the Western Lowland Gorilla are terrestrial meaning they do nto climb trees and are land dwelling, inhabiting the tropical rainforests of Central Africa. Historically the gorilla page 2 has been portrayed as a vicious killer. However, they are shy and gentle creatures that would not attack humans unless provoked. In the wild their only predators are leo...

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... find out that someone has came and took one of the babys they can send the person to jail for 3 years. the western gorilla has many important roles in this world. they help us just like we help them. they have a hard and complicated life and have to fight for survival unlike us. what some poachers need to realize is that they are killing the animals that one day could not be here. we always see them in zoos and other conservation areas but if the world keeps going as it is now we wont. page 4
Now that the gorillas are very close to being extinct is our job to help them and stop poaching and hunting. theres only about 45% left of the gorilla population. They will always have to fight for their survival and to protect their younge from poachers. Also they will eventually be all moved to conservation areas where people like us will not be able to see them.
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