Endangered Animals

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Many animals are endangered and that means they are close to extinction. If species become extinct that means these luscious creatures cannot be seen by us anymore. In this article, I’m going to inform you about solutions to exterminate this problem. Also, I will tell you why this issues important, how it affects us, what can be done to help this problem, and how you can have a positive impact to help end this issue. If we unite and convince the government and businesses to stop taking down natural habitats for new towns we can stop this issue.
This issue is extremely important because without certain animal species we can get unknown diseases that we didn’t know existed. Also, if a species goes extinct 30 other species could go extinct as well (Idaho State Board of Education). This could hurt Biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of life. Biodiversity gives us air purification, poverty alleviation, health, fresh water, agriculture, mitigation of floods, pollination of crops and vegetation, carbon sequestration, helps the land against ocean storms, preservation of soil fertility, and helps keep the worlds appearance beautiful. If animals become extinct it could affect Biodiversity which will affect us.
This issue impacts us greatly because without animals it takes a toll on biodiversity. This means we could get unhealthy and possibly run out of water because of lack of animals. Also, we could get lack of food because are crops don’t get what they need to grow. Another treacherous thing that could happen is we could run out of medicine needed for simple disease because we are out of the material that is required to make them. This means people could die from common disease like a cold or the flu. This could slow down are rate o...

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... animal cannot repopulate.
In conclusion, I think you now know how big the endangerment problem is on are lives. If you want to help you know what to do to save an endangered species. You can do the simplest things like Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This could help animals and ecosystems by letting animals and ecosystems keep their habitat. So, next time you see a piece of trash while outside or inside PICK IT UP!

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