End of Life and Start of a New One in Roman and Vikings Cultures

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What did the afterlife meant to Roman and Norse society? Back in the days, ones afterlife was essential since it set the behavior in ones normal life. While the Romans adapted a similar culture of the Greeks, the Vikings worshiped a pantheon of gods and goddesses, each one representing a different aspect of life.

The Romans and Vikings had several levels in their afterlife; both shared similar characteristics, but also different aspects. The Romans had a level called Elysian Fields where the warriors and heroes went, basically the people who have done well for mankind. The version of the Norse society was called Valhalla, where one would join Odin and train for the final battle called Ragnarök. If one had been a good citizen, that person would continue to live a good life as a shade in the Plain of Asphodel if one resided in Rome. The Plain of Asphodel is alike Fólkvangr, were the Scandinavian would join the goddess Freyja (wife of Odin). The next two stages were the ones a person would not like to be in: Tartarus in Roman mythology and Hel in Norse mythology. One ended up in Tarta...
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