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Encyclopedic knowledge is the knowledge that we have around a word. For example a bachelor, we know that a bachelor is a man, young, they date women and have exiting lifestyles (Ungerer & Schmid, 2006). On the other hand Aristotelian view on the mental lexicon is that words have a central core of essential meaning (Ungerer & Schmid, 2006). So if we want to find out the core in bachelor we could use the “that’s impossible test” (Ungerer & Schmid, 2006). Example: “Harry is a bachelor who has been married for 10 years.” The answer would most likely be “that’s impossible, bachelors can’t be married” This suggests that Unmarried is a core condition for bachelor. You would probably have the same response if you said “my aunt Emma is a bachelor”,…show more content…
The encyclopedic knowledge is very personal and differs between individuals and the personal aspect of words can differ between cultures. Using the bachelor example, everyone must agree that the person is not currently married (Core meaning aspect), but there might be considerable disagreement on whether a male who is unmarried, but still living with his parents, can still be considered a bachelor (Encyclopedic knowledge aspect). The number of core features will be limited, but the amount of encyclopedic knowledge one can know about a word is open-ended (Ungerer & Schmid,…show more content…
Aristotelian core in words are the same everywhere, while the encyclopedic core in words differs between individuals. Example the word Cat, the Aristotelian core in cat is that it has four legs, fur and meows. But my encyclopedic core in the word cat is that they are cozy, warm, drink milk and likes to play. While somebody else’s encyclopedic core in cat could be that they are mean, angry and non-social. The meaning of the word is not that cats are cozy and playful, but that they have four legs and meows. The meaning in the word dinosaur is that they lived long ago and often are big and scary, not that they are beautiful and grey. That is why the encyclopedic knowledge is not part of the meaning of a word. While the Aristotelian core in words are the meaning of the word. Encyclopedic knowledge is the knowledge we interpret from the world around us and our culture but also from our families and friends. The encyclopedic knowledge differs between every individual but also between borders and

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