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ENCRYPTION COSC 111 5/7/2013 Cam 2 ABSTRACT In this research paper I want to shed light on encryption. After careful research it becomes clear that encryption has been around for centuries and used in various ways. There are two distinct methods of encryption: Public Key and Private Key. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons but Private Key is the more widely used method. Laws have been put into place to sanction the use of encryption products and devices. Information has been gathered from several different sources to also explain how encryption has impacted the past and how it will continue to shape our futures. INTRODUCTION The object of secure communication is to provide privacy by hiding contents of publicly exposed messages from unauthorized recipients. Encryption is the process of recoding information to hide its true meaning and to serve as a secure source of communication. In your daily life, you would want the information you are sharing over the internet to be secure and safe, right? How would you feel if hackers and unlawful citizens were able to access your most precious information? Over the years, the process of securing ones data has been one of the most important focal points in regards to how data is transmitted over the internet. Encryption has long been used by militaries and governments to facilitate secret communication. It is now commonly used in protecting information within many kinds of civilian systems. When thinking about encryption, try to visualize the different types of encryption, how laws have come about because of encryption and how it has affected society over the years and also how it may continue to affect our daily computing. BODY The first method of en... ... middle of paper ... ...and encryption as a whole. While it may seem unfair to limit encryption, it is a necessary measure that must be taken to ensure the safety of our defense. REFERENCE PAGE Lindsay, H. (2011, July 23) Retrieved May 7, 2013 "What Are Some Powerful Encryption Algorithms?" EHow. Demand Media. Marc, J. (2008). Identity-based cryptography vol. 2: Cryptology and information security series. Fairfax, VA: I O S Press, Incorporated. Nichols, C. (2010, May 18). Storage and Data Encryption Law Compliance. Retrieved May 7, 2013, from http://www.unitiv.com/: http://www.unitiv.com/it-solutions-blog/bid/40917/Storage-and-Data-Encryption-Law-Compliance Snyder, L. (2012). Fluency with information technology: skills, concepts, & capabilities (fifth edition). Boston: Pearson Education. Tyson, J. (2001, April 6). Retrieved May 7, 2013, from How stuff works: (-- removed HTML --)

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