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support separates the encrypted data and encryption key. Keys do not have to leave application side. In this strategy there are some limitations, in application level encryption sometimes dependency on the encryption granularity the application may have to retrieve large set than one granted to actual user, it may support for a security breach since user can hack the application to access unauthorized data, as well as this strategy have some performance overheads and does not support the use of some advanced database functions like triggers and stored procedures. But in term of granularity and key management this strategy gives highest flexibility because encryption granularity and encryption key can be chosen depending on application logic [5][7][16].Figure 4
Shows application level encryption which use in databases.

Figure 4. Application Level Encryption


Encryption algorithms are used to generation transformation and modification of the key. There are many cryptographic algorithms to encrypt data [1].

A. Data encryption Standards (DES)

This is the ...

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