Empowerment Relationship In The Holy Spirit And The New Testament

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These supernatural acts of the Spirit are not relegated to Acts or the New Testament. The same acts of the Spirit is evident in the New Testament as well. Mark D. McLean instructs us to put out of our minds completely the impression that the Holy Spirit did not come into the world until the Day of Pentecost. Possibly the most direct empowerment connection in the Old Testament is Joel 2:28-32. The connection from Old Testament to New Testament is drawn by Peter in Acts 2:17-18. Here Peter sees the fulfillment of the promise of God that He will “pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.” This verse was the bridge that brought the history of Israel to Pentecost.
Luke stays very consistent with his treatment of the Holy Spirit as empowerment. That’s not to say that there are references to
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What’s more, they very obviously have a gift or an aptitude for evangelism or for teaching the Word of God. How can this be? They have not been “baptized with the Holy Spirit” according to Pentecost in Acts 2, so how is it that they have a propensity toward evangelism? Even though someone only exhibits the indwelling of the Holy Spirit without experiencing the empowerment of the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean that God will prohibit them from evangelization. Many people have great abilities and gifting given to them by God to do great things, but that gifting would be even more potent empowered by the Holy Spirit. Those who have experienced the empowerment of the Holy Spirit must never think they have a corner on the market of spirituality, they simply have an experience and empowerment that is available to every believer. It is the observation of this researcher that whenever someone earnestly longs and asks for more of God, God gives them His Holy Spirit and

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