Empowerment And Objectification

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Where is the line drawn between empowerment and objectification? Do women want to be viewed as objects rather than equals? According to Cameron Diaz.Female sexuality in media continues to be a heated and divided debate between people with conventional and progressive views. The media and various female artists have forced us to repeatedly question whether pushing boundaries is liberating or insulting. Those with traditional values believe that objectifying women sets a negative example for the youth of today. While modern audiences believe that women should choose to empower themselves by pushing the envelope and promote the youth to follow their own path in life. Women in the music industry today are empowering themselves, rather than being objectified, through their music by encouraging individuality and embracing their sexuality.
Many with traditional values argue that the objectification of female artists in music media is sexist and demeaning. Breines, a postdoctoral fellow at Brandeis University, believes. This media imagery shapes how society views women and young girls see themselves. As a result, this leaves women are more prone to low self confidence and eating disorders. This self-objectification shown by oversexualized artists perpetuates the ideal that a woman’s character is solely based on her appearance. Nowadays, teenagers are becoming more and more influenced by social media and have an easier access to images that are not necessarily appropriate. The female artists are promoting stories of female servitude rather than of female equality.
Female artists promote a tasteless lifestyle through overtly sexualized imagery. Suit, a representative from Safermedia, stated that, The song lyrics to “Pour It Up” include....

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... during this debate is self respect. Traditional audiences see a provocative performance or song and assume the female artist lacks self respect. But what must a male artist do to lack self respect? As a result, the youth today pay the ultimate cost by emulating a bad example in their everyday lives. Regardless the message given from both of these artists, no matter how provocative, the empowerment of women and being an individual is evident. However, modern viewers might question why society forces women to be ashamed of their bodies rather than empowered. Audiences can come to their own conclusions, after seeing something provocative, based on appearances. However, regardless of controversial themes explored, only female artists can determine their own self respect and whether it is lost by embracing their bodies and inspiring other females to do the same.
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