Empowering The Women Of Canada Case Study

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Empowering the Women of Canada Historically minorities in government, such as women, do not get proportionally represented. Women have fought for their right to vote since the late 1860s and still fight to be represented in parliament today. In Canada women approximately represent 50% percent of the population yet they only represent about 25% of parliament (Inter-Parliament Union, 2015). They have fought for the right to have a say in the government, and they should be represented by female members with the same ideologies as them. Women throughout history have been represented by men and have been forced to be left on the side-lines while men represented the country. This is discouraging to the young ladies who want to make a positive change…show more content…
Younger generations of females tend to be discouraged by the intimidation of men in politics which could affect them emotionally, and psychologically. A study was done to see the effects that media and politics had on younger women (Yakaboski, 2009). This study showed how the young women of this generation are put on the sidelines while men are represented more commonly (Yakaboski, 2009). It also states that young women should be able to voice their opinion and be heard in the government, whether it be a feminist movement or even basic economic issues (Yakaboski, 2009). The media has a strong impact on younger generations of a vast range of platforms (Yakaboski, 2009). A positive representation of female representation in government was currently seen in the American political election. Hillary Clinton not only represented feminism in America but she represented females from all over the world who never thought that a woman could run for president. Although Clinton lost the election she made a remark “And to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in this world to pursue and achieve your own dreams,” (Global News, 2016). This positive reinforcement, from a woman, encourages those who are afraid to go out their and be apart of your electoral…show more content…
By having a substantive approach to woman’s representation in parliament woman are not able to represent themselves, but instead are represented by men. Women should be allowed to represent themselves and empower themselves. The government of Canada should work towards decreasing the gender gap and increasing the representation of women in parliament. By increasing the amount of females who represent themselves, we open the door for the possibility of stimulating future generations of girls to join in the political system. This could also lead to a future of increased representation, a smaller wage gap and a greater

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