Employment at Will

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The employment at will doctrine is such that, an employer can terminate an employee, at any time and for any cause, or no cause at all. Employment at will employees do not have an agreement and surety of continued employment, which is an issue of employee rights. There are several employee's right issues at workplaces; among which, one of the biggest issue of employees is their uncertainty towards their length of work employment. This leads to a lack of job security and an unsafe, and an unfair working environment for the employee. An employee should be able to enjoy basic employee rights. They should be able to participate and be informed about what is happening, in the workplace. Moreover, they should have the right to privacy, which they apparently don't. Employees should not be fired for reasons unrelated to their work. I will argue that this is not only professionally, but also morally wrong.
The stakeholders in this situation are the business owner, and the employee. Both the business owner and the employee can face challenges after the at-will firing. For an employee, the at-will firing can result in huge financial issues, increased stress level and loyalty issues. In the future, their loyalty towards any work they perform may diminish which can lead to poor performance at their workplace. On the other hand, by firing an employee, a business owner may face added costs because they will have to look for new employee, and may lose some potentially good employees who may be fired for the wrong reasons. However, if the employee is a poor performing employee, then the at-will employment can be advantageous for the employer because he can fire the employee whenever he deems it necessary. Employees have less bargaining power compa...

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...ompany. In the case, the employee definitely performs a morally wrong deed, and this deed may not seem acceptable from the employer and businesses’ point of view, but looking at it from the employee's point of view, there is nothing wrong in voicing out your opinion because everyone needs to enjoy the freedom of speech.
Furthermore, what I believe the best moral outcome for both stakeholders is firing the employee but in a respectable manner. Looking at this from a utilitarian approach I can say that the employee is definitely not happy working for the company. As a result, the employee does not provide a better outcome for the business and the society. So what would be best for the employer and the business is to fire the employee, however, what was wrong was the way the employer fired the employee without reason, without respect and without value of the employee.

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