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According to the website gives all information needed about taking the PCAT such as what information is on the exam, and how it is structured. Pharmacy schools use the PCAT to assist with admissions. The exam is structured to test students on their abilities and knowledge of the science courses before entering pharmacy school, and the science courses taken during pharmacy school. In order for the PCAT to give accurate results, personnel of pharmacy schools give reviews on how current exam materials are. On the PCAT there are four sections, and students are given 25-50 minutes for each section with a break given after the first half of the test. The sections are broken down into subsections and during the exam test takers are not allowed to move forward or backward if they complete the subsection early. Though this exam is mandatory to become a pharmacy student, it is not free; the fee for the PCAT is $199.00 and is subject to change at any time. This fee gives students eligibility to take the test, send their scores to pharmacy schools they are interested in, and print their scores right from their own computer. The only time there are additional fees are when test takers register during the late period, which is an additional $49.00. There is also a fee when someone wants to send their scores to additional pharmacy schools after submitting the registration. After taking the test, exams are scored and results are available online for a year, and reports will be sent to pharmacy schools indicated by mail.

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...n on the exam. In order to help prepare you to take the MPJE, the candidates should learn and understand the concepts covered on the MPJE Competency Statement; the MPJE Competency Statement gives a blueprint of everything covered on the exam.

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