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In order to learn more about pharmacy before moving on to pharmacy school, I will be applying to different internships for pre-pharmacy students. This first internship I will look at is an internship at a Target pharmacy, and my source will be a post to the Target website from a previous student who went through their internship program. Maryam was a 2nd year Doctorate of Pharmacy student when she completed her internship with Target, and from her post she begins to tell us how exciting it was everyday with a great amount of learning. The reason Maryam was interested in this internship was because it is well setup, and she was able to learn about the store as well as pharmacy. It is not usual for a retail pharmacy intern to work as an intern in different positions, but Maryam was taught that Target integrates their team members with other departments in order to help each department grow and learn what the other department’s responsibilities are. Maryam closes her post by discussing the atmosphere Target brings to their workers; to her, the work environment was fun, enjoyed working with her team members, encountered a new experience each day, and was able to strengthen her leadership skills. Though Maryam gave an excellent overview of her experience I also researched more specific information about Target’s internship. The Target Internship Program is a 10-week experience where interns are able to work with a mentor and engage in pharmaceutical procedures that are executed in Target’s retail pharmacy. With each different location of Target, the experiences o...

... middle of paper ... well as give them knowledge on how pharmacy protocols are created.

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